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Ice crossing, reinforcement, geosynthetic materials

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«Earth`s Cryosphere», 2016, Vol. XX, № 3, p. 79-86

Reinforcement of ice cover with geosynthetic materials

V.V. Sirotyuk, O.V. Yakimenko, G.M. Levashov, A.A. Zakharenko

FSBEI HVT “SibADI”, 5, Mira ave., Omsk, 644080, Russia;
sirvv@yandex.ru, olgayakimenko@yandex.ru, dic.sibadi@gmail.com, azacom@inbox.ru

Testing results prove valid the feasilibity and efficiency of the use of geosynthetic (GS) materials for reinforcement of ice crossings and winter roads. Double reinforcement with glassfiber geonets, polypropylene geogrids, or geocomposites, from both above and below the ice cover, ensures the best stabilizing effect. Geonets and geogrids are easily removable from ice in spring and pose no risks to environment or navigation. Further research may address methods for testing the mechanical and physical properties of reinforced ice; reinforcement performance by different GS materials; and regulations for construction and maintenance of GS reinforced ice crossings.

Ice crossing, reinforcement, geosynthetic materials