Академическое издательство «Гео»

Keywords: roadside service, functional zoning, Haff disease, recreation area, tourist cluster.


The establishment and development of the motor tourist campsite on the Baikal-Kotokel isthmus

V.A. Babikov, A.V. Mantatova, O.K. Maladaeva, I.I. Starkova

Buryat State University, ul. Smolina, 24a, Ulan-Ude, 670000, Russia,
mien_bsu@mail.ru, arma_1@mail.ru, maladaeva@bk.ru, Irina-ivanovna.8@mail.ru

It is shown that the normative characteristic of the recreation zone on the Baikal-Kotokel isthmus meets the requirements to such areas according to natural and anthropogenic conditions. We identified the criteria and pointed out the favorable factors for the selection of the area where to establish and develop the motor tourist campsite. It is established that in recent years the eastern coast of Middle Baikal has been experiencing anthropogenic impacts due to unorganized tourism as well as a steady growth of tourist arrivals from countries of Inner Asia. We suggest that a regional tourist and recreation cluster should be established on the Baikal-Kotokel isthmus. A functional zoning of the Kotokelskii site measuring 4 km2 was carried out. Six zones are singled out, each of which is intended for the performance of particular functions related to rendering various services to tourists. Recommendations are made for an improvement in the ecological situation in the neighborhood of Lake Kotokel, requiring investment of money, hydrotechnical amelioration, and other measures. It is suggested that the motor tourist campsite should be combined with the roadside service so that the facility becomes a shelter for tourists and long-distance truck drivers, accommodating as many as 1200 persons. We calculated the unit cost of the land area on the site (60 rubles per square meter), the starting price for the organization of the land auction.

Keywords: roadside service, functional zoning, Haff disease, recreation area, tourist cluster.

DOI: 10.21782/GiPR0206-1619-2018-2(73-79)