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Keywords: ice cover, Baikal, GPR sounding, short-pulse radar, ice thickness.


Radiophysical monitoring of the Lake Baikal ice cover

А.K. Tulokhonov*, E.Zh. Garmaev*, Yu.B. Bashkuev**, Yu.L. Lomukhin**, V.B. Khaptanov**, M.G. Dembelov**, M.V. Slipenchuk***, B.Ch. Dorzhiev**, O.N. Ochirov**

*Baikal Institute of Nature Management, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,
ul. Sakhyanovoi, 8, Ulan-Ude, 760047, Russia, aktulohonov@binm.ru, garendl@yandex.ru
**Institute of Physical Materials Science, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,
ul. Sakhyanovoi, 6, Ulan-Ude, 760047, Russia, buddich@mail.ru, Lomkhin_Yuriy@mail.ru,
vkhaptanov@mail.ru, mdembelov@mail.ru, bchdorj@yandex.ru, 1_2_z@mail.ru
***Lake Baikal Protection Fund, ul. Donskaya, 13, Moscow, 110049, Russia, info@baikalfund.com

Presented are the results of the winter 2014 radiophysical expedition, within the framework of which the Baikal ice cover was investigated by electromagnetic methods. The primary objectives the expedition were to detect irregularities in the ice cover, such as cracks and thawing steamed holes in the ice, and to determine the ice thickness and structure in the area of the thawing holes by the GPR sounding method. We used in the experiments the “OKO-2” GPR of the decimeter band and the nanosecond radar with the wavelength of 3 cm. The measurements were made carried out from the Khivus hovercraft and from the UAZ automobile. The ice thickness of Lake Baikal was determined by non-contact electromagnetic measurement methods. Radargrams of reflected signals from the ice cover are presented. Radar patterns of reflected signals from artificial irregularities of the ice cover were obtained by the short-pulse radar method. The concept of radiophysical monitoring is suggested, which provides a means of determining the ice cover parameters of a water body with high spatial resolution. We present an integral approach to investigating the state of ice cover in order to integrate different physicochemical methods for diagnosing the objects studied. A further development of the concept of integrated ice cover research, and the creation of the monitoring network involves solving a number of scientific and engineering tasks that include developing physical models and information and measurement systems as well as the rationale for an integrated monitoring network.

Keywords: ice cover, Baikal, GPR sounding, short-pulse radar, ice thickness.

DOI: 10.21782/GiPR0206-1619-2018-1(73-80)