Академическое издательство «Гео»

Keywords: digital elevation models, basin geosystems, small river basins, GIS, electronic map.


Cartographic model of river basins of European Russia

O.P. Ermolaev, K.A.Mal’tsev, S.S. Mukharamova, S.V. Kharchenko, E.A. Vedeneeva

Institute of Environmental Sciences, Kazan Federal University, ul. Tovarishcheskaya, 5, 420097, Russia, oyermol@gmail.com, mlcvkirill@rambler.ru, mss@kpfu.ru, xar4enkkoff@rambler.ru,

An analysis made of the worldwide existing geoinformation systems (HydroSHEDS, CCM, Ecrins, WBD, etc.) suggests that there are as yet no models of adequate quality for the basin boundaries of small rivers in the European part of Russia. For the territory of the European part of Russia with a total area of more than 4 mil km2 the GIS technology tools were used to construct the electron vector map of river basins and their interbasin spaces. The map thus obtained displays the basins of first-order rivers for a given level of generalization (sc 1:1 000 000). The GMTED2010 model was used as the digital elevation model. A total of 63 553 basin geosystems were identified on the map, averaging 68 km2 in area. Accuracy verification of identifying the basin boundaries showed a good agreement of areal and geometric characteristics of the method used with expert approach. In test areas, the men difference of the indicators of the area of the basins identified automatically and by use of the expert approach made up 3.6 %. For areas with weakly dissected lowland topography this error does not exceed 5 % while it is about 2 % in areas with relatively dissected elevated topography. The basin geosystems thus identified are operational-territorial units with respect to which the geospatial data base is generated to characterize the natural-resource potential of the European territory of Russia. An example is provided for the generation of the geospatial database containing hydrological information covering 1763 hydrological stations collecting streamflow data.

Keywords: digital elevation models, basin geosystems, small river basins, GIS, electronic map.

DOI: 10.21782/GiPR0206-1619-2017-2(27-36)