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Keywords: suburbanization, settlement, suburban territory, suburban settlements, infrastructure.


The development of suburban settlements of the Krasnoyarsk agglomeration

L.A. Dorofeeva


Experience of studying the suburban settlement patterns and the suburbanization process in the USA, China and Russia is considered. It is established that in the Russian system of population distribution there is a need to monitor the tendency for suburban sprawl, identify the patterns and causes of population concentration in suburban settlements as well as to take into consideration the features inherent in the area development. A study is made of the location of suburban settlements in the Krasnoyarsk urban agglomeration; the conclusion is drawn about an expansion of their geography and number and about the development of the suburbanization process. Analysis of the value of housing and plots of land on the territory under consideration showed that the value is highest in settlements located at least 10 km from the city and is lower further than 40 km from the city. The study revealed three main areas of localization of urban settlements on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk urban agglomeration, and five types of settlements according to the housing value, the type of area development, and to the existence of the social, domestic, cultural and communal infrastructure. A rationale is provided for the need to study the suburbanization process as well as to keep a record of citizens moving to suburban settlements in order to satisfy their requirements for comfortable social and cultural-domestic servicing.

Keywords: suburbanization, settlement, suburban territory, suburban settlements, infrastructure.

DOI: 10.21782/GiPR0206-1619-2016-3(168-174)