Академическое издательство «Гео»

Keywords: technogenic deposits, morphogenesis, erosion, deflation, nivation.


Exogenous processes in technogenic deposits on the territory of Tomsk oblast

N.S. Evseeva, Z.N. Kvasnikova, and M.A. Kashiro

nsevseeva@yandex.ru, zojkwas@rambler.ru, mkashiro@yandex.ru

An outline is given of the exogenous processes of morphogenesis occurring in technogenic deposits in the south-east of Tomsk oblast. These deposits are classed as the pile-up, fill, agrotechnical and cultural layers (construction waste), and deposits of sedimentation basins (chemical waste, sewage, terrigenous, etc.). In the aforementioned deposits a number of exogenous processes of morphogenesis are developed. On the slopes of road embankments there arise erosion, deflation, and small landslips; along roads there occur waterlogging and swamping. After snowmelt and storm rains, the fill deposits that are represented by loessal loams and sands develop scours and gullies; suffosion intensifies, which is accompanied by subsidences differing in size. Agrotechnical deposits generate soil erosion caused by thaw and rain water, sinkholes, nivation processes, and heaving of soils. Observations in key areas revealed that the technogenic earth materials are the home for the same exogenous processes of morphogenesis as in natural landscapes of the forest zone but their rates are much higher. By studying the factors and mechanism that are responsible for the exogenous processes in technogenic earth materials, it is possible to reduce the geomorphological risk in development of a territory.

Keywords: technogenic deposits, morphogenesis, erosion, deflation, nivation.