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Keywords: PCBs, COPs, atmospheric air, transboundary transport.


Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the atmospheric air over some territories of Siberia and the Far East of Russia

E.A. Mamontova*, E.N. Tarasova*, A.A. Mamontov*, Kuz’M.I. min *,
B.Z. Borisov**, Bul’A.P. ban ***, S.G. Yurchenko****, E.V. Lepskaya*****,
S.I. Levshina******, and O.D. Tregubov*******

* elenam@igc.irk.ru, tarasova@igc.irk.ru, mamontov@igc.irk.ru, dir@igc. irk.ru
** bzborisov@mail.ru
*** bulban@neisri.ru
**** yurchenko@tig.dvo.ru
***** lepskaya@list.ru
****** levshina@iver.as.khb.ru
******* tregubov2@yandex.ru

Presented are the data derived from investigating POPs in the atmospheric air over the Asian part of Russia by using the method of passive sampling, showing the levels corresponding both to background world levels and to the largest values of POPs in major industrial cities of the world. Either polybromdiphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were not detected in the atmospheric air over all the study territories or they were not revealed in trace amounts. Concentrations of the other POPs did not exceed maximum permissible concentrations (MPCs) and safe reference levels of impact (SRLI) as adopted in Russia. The quantitative and qualitative compositions of POPs are conditioned to exchange processes in the soil–atmospheric air system due to the action of negative and positive temperatures, temperature inversions, atmospheric precipitation and other depositions, transboundary atmospheric transport and contemporary local sources of pollution. This study is the first step on the road to studying the determination of seasonal changes in POPs and their relationship in the atmospheric air and in soils.

Keywords: PCBs, COPs, atmospheric air, transboundary transport.