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Soil temperature regime, peat plateaus, sporadic permafrost distribution

KRIOSFERA ZEMLI, 2018, Vol. XXII, № 5, p. 47-56

Temperature state of soils of peat plateaus in the sporadic permafrost
area (European Northeast of Russia)

D.A. Kaverin, A.V. Pastukhov

Institute of Biology, Komi Science Center UB RAS,
28, Kommunisticheskaya str., Syktyvkar, 167982, Russia; dkav@mail.ru

The temperature regime of soils and underlying sediments in peat plateaus located in the northeastern margin of the Russian Plain (65–66° N) in the area of sporadic permafrost distribution has been characterized for the period of 2013–2016. Winter, summer and mean annual temperature regimes are found to differentiate significantly between soils in permafrost peat mounds and thawed fens. The warming and cooling coefficients have been evaluated in order to assess the seasonal variations of temperature in peat plateaus soils. A comparative analysis of the calculated warming/cooling climatic coefficients and indices revealed the warming effect of the contemporary climatic variations on peat soils within the sporadic permafrost area in the north-east of European Russia.

Soil temperature regime, peat plateaus, sporadic permafrost distribution

DOI: 10.21782/KZ1560-7496-2018-5(47-56)