Академическое издательство «Гео»

Sea ice, mushy layer, melting, recrystallization

KRIOSFERA ZEMLI, 2007, Vol. XI, № 4, p. 50-56

Arctic sea ice melting and recrystallization

P.V. Bogorodsky, A.V. Pnyushkov

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, 199397, St. Petersburg, Bering str., 38, bogorodski@aari.nw.ru

Mathematical description of the sea ice melting is given. The problem statement assumes decreasing of solid fraction simulating an ice of two-phase media up to formation of fully liquid area with moving interface. In the framework of one-dimensional approach and a number of simplifications, the self-similar solutions for different variants of border heating have been derived and analyzed. The criteria of the sea ice layer recrystallization have been obtained. A qualitative comparison of the results with experimental data is presented.

Sea ice, mushy layer, melting, recrystallization